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Prospects of a Web Development course in India

23-01-18 0 comment

Whether people want to shop or procure information, today everything is being done online. Everything that you need is just a click away. All this is possible because of the variously available web pages that serve your purpose. Every industry is dependent on their business web pages to maintain their online presence and act as a medium between their prospects and their company. At Ipwl institute, the faculty aims at providing top-notch deliverables to all the students so that they can gain expert knowledge in the field and emerge out as web development wizards who manage to become a pioneer in their field.

What is Web Development?

People often tend to confuse web development with web designing. They are two different areas with relatively opposite work. Web development is associated with the programming of a website. It is the job of a web developer to create a well programmed and compatible site. This is the soul of a web page, as, without a proper web development, you can never create a web page. Owing to the growing demand of a web developer, many institutes have mushroomed that offer web development coaching classes. You should choose the right training center wisely.

Job responsibilities under Web Development

It is the job of a web designer to meticulously write code for websites or web applications by using programming languages. They are also responsible for developing, coding, and testing of server-slide applications, optimizing coding and media, designing a website with a rich user experience, and much more. You need to gain a thorough knowledge of the subject matter and related aspects in order to perform the work flawlessly. The web development course offered by Ipwl offers the perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge that is enough to provide deep insights and knowledge of the domain. The classes are offered at Delhi, India and you can get yourself registered at the desired batch.

How to become a Web developer?

You can enroll for a diploma course offered by Ipwl and become job-ready from day one on successful course completion. Apart from the short-term web designing diploma courses, you can also get yourself enrolled for programming languages like PHP, PHP++, and many more. They will help in upgrading your work profile as their knowledge helps in the coding part. You will also get a certificate upon successful course completion, so you can easily bag a job as a web designer in an elite company.

Career and Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the market for web developers is expected to grow at a projected rate of 27% during the period 2014-2024. This statistic is enough to you give you an insight of the career prospects of a web developer. You are sure to find innumerable options after completing the web development training program at Ipwl. AJAX programmer, jQuery programmer, PHP developer, Drupal developer, Magneto developer, and C++ developer are some of the career options that will be open after successful course completion. You can also start working as a Freelancer after undergoing this course.


In case of a web developer, the salary is highly dependent on the experience. As a fresher, you can expect to get somewhere between Rs.12, 000 to Rs.25, 000 per month. This is an approximate figure and you may even get a higher pay, if you manage to gain exceptional knowledge and prove your worth to the recruiter.


This course is for you if you fall in any of the following categories:

  • You want to build-up a lucrative career in the web industry.
  • You are a programmer who wants to enhance his skills and expertise.
  • You are a designer, who wants to have a thorough understanding of the codes.  

You can apply for the course after you complete your graduation.

Course and Duration

There are various available courses and they might be spread between 1.5-12 months period. Depending on the course level type that you chose to enroll in, the course duration will be determined. You can have a detailed idea of the available courses and duration of each by visiting our center in person. All the offered courses are short-term so that you can start your dream career at an early stage.

Apparatus and Technology

Unlike other areas, even the web development areas have some apparatus and technology that they work on. Dreamweaver, WordPress, MySQL, JavaScript, DOM, CSS3, and jQuery Mobile are some of the incorporated tools that help in upgrading the work of a web developer.

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